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They did try call while I was out cycling but the robot that calls gives you a few seconds to press either 1 or 2, after that you have to call them back.


Microphone Not Working on iPhone or iPad? Here are Solutions to Try

I had to explain the issue again to a different person: I find that bizarre if the speaker still works, just not on calls, video recordings, or voice memo's since the upgrade. For the first time Apple offered to collect the phone to repair it, but it has to go to management for approval as the phone is out of warranty: What I know so far - Apple's story keeps changing which implies they don't know what the issue is, although they have confirmed that it is definitely a software problem causing this.

Either that or Apple do know and are just not spelling it out. I also know that in May Apple acknowledged an issue with the iOS This appears to be the same issue. Apple do not offer an option to downgrade to my previous iOS 12 that worked perfectly well, thereby forcing me to go through this Apple Support or buy to a new phone! Seems convenient: I have now wasted countless hours and travelled to a store twice, having to take time off work, for something that was not my fault. And still no solution. Dec 28, 4: Page content loaded. Nov 19, 2: If the microphones on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch aren't working If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch speaker These articles will also provide you the next steps to take if you continue to have issues.

Nov 23, 8: Thanks Brendan, none of the solutions you suggested are what is affecting this phone.

How to Fix iPhone Sound Problems

Apple has rolled out an upgrade that is affecting the sound device on iPhone 7 models. I am currently in contact with Apple support after initially being told I have to pay for a new phone! They have confirmed this is a software issue, even after a factory reset the issue persists Apple will need to look into iOS There is nothing wrong with the microphone on the phone, it works perfect with Apple Music, apps, or videos recorded prior to upgrading to My "7" works just fine with Has your device EVER been jailbroke?

Nov 27, 3: Nope, I bought it brand new two years ago, still with the same service provider: Nov 28, 1: I wonder when Apple will provide a solution to fix this rather than advising people to buy a new phone? Jan 1, 1: I have exactly the same problem after upgrading to Microphone went completely dead, as did music playback through the jack, but otherwise speakers work just fine.

If you can't hear a person on a call or voicemail or if the sound isn't clear on your iPhone

Also bought my iPhone 7 two years ago. This is most certainly a software issue and I simply cannot believe the level of incompetence with Apple in failing to address this issue.

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  4. Microphone Not Working on iPhone or iPad? Here are Solutions to Try!

Jan 1, 4: Microphone went completely dead and can not charging I had approaching ALAB service center they were check thro and microphone work fine and can not charge and they were said need to change one to one no choice. Jan 2, 5: Did Apple ever figure out the problem with your phone? Or did they drop the case dead? Jan 3, 4: Apple's audio quality has always been among the best of all smartphone devices but it is now average at best.

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I believe this to be a software issue as the voice memo function worked perfectly the whole time. Had it have been a hardware issue, all audio would have been affected. I look forward to the release of an Apple update that will resolve this as many people seem affected. Jan 3, Gave in and went to Apple Service Dept.

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  • They certainly appeared to be in the know of this particular problem but deliberately vague as to what, exactly, was being - or indeed could be - done to resolve the issue. In the end, after some very fast 'diagnostics', they took my device in for servicing with a prospect of 31 days for service to be completed. It did appear to me that they regarded it as a production error of sorts as I was basically informed that I would probably receive a replacement phone and only be charged in the event that moisture was discovered within the device.

    Whether I can take their word for this remains to be seen, but I am well prepared to put up a serious fight if disputes emerge. Jan 18, 1: Last day i have updated ios Despite being arguably the most important iOS release in years, it is filled with bugs lots of them. Apple iOS 11 Apple. Something I have been able to verify as well. Read more - Why Apple iOS Here is a good example of what users are experiencing: Needless to say, others are less calm in their responses: My music is useless to me with all the skipping!

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    My music keeps skipping like is a damn record?! I have the iPhone 7 - all software up to date and is less than a year old! Completely unacceptable. Seriously my phone is utterly unusable at the moment. Siri constantly coming on and music constantly stopping starting and skipping. Interestingly, amongst all the fury it a pattern.