Samsung galaxy s iii pebble blue or marble white

I gather that this is a problem with the Android operating system.

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The camera is great , bluetooth works well, as do text and Internet functions. First off let me start by saying I got this as a gift for my intended who used to complain a lot about her old phone, I knew she liked the phone and features from seeing it in action from other Samsung S3 owners, so I decided to surprise her, she loves the color, size, and performance no more sticking or freezing screen is really big and clear, has loads of space since I put in an additional 16 gig SD card, her only complaint is the battery never makes it through to another day especially with some heavy use, I have to say I expected much better battery life from the phone after all the hype I read about in reviews but so far she loves it and once she is happy I am happy.

With the Smart Alert feature, this smartphone alerts you if there is a call or a message not received.

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Running on the Android 4. Model Number: Cellular Sprint Virgin Mobile. Manufacturer Color: Featuring a quad-core processor, this mobile phone loads your content quickly for incredible performance. Built with an 8-megapixel resolution camera, it is ideal for capturing lifelike pictures. Additional Product Features Display Resolution.

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Battery life is surpisingly long compared to its predecessor the S II. The amount of control you have over your phone is amazing. Practically you can change anything. Apps are good, games are still a little bit flimsy compared to the iphone iOS.

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Why I chose this instead of the iphone? Two main reasons for that: Over software and hardware external memory and removable battery, etc. Let it be accesories, apps, and the overall price.

Galaxy S III Color Options Pebble Blue vs Marble White

This is a great phone. I would recommend. The only con I have is the battery doesn't stay charged all day, however there is an option to buy an extended battery but it changes the size of the phone makes it thicker and your protective case will not fit. I upgraded from a LG Optimus Showtime on straight talk and this is a much faster phone. If you use on straight talk, you will have some trouble trying to get your APN settings right, but finally after 3 days and 3 hours on the phone with a rep, we finally got it.

Model Number: Cellular Sprint Virgin Mobile. Manufacturer Color: GPRS Class Yes, it's unlocked cell phone. Two color: A front-facing camera on this Samsung Galaxy S phone works with the Smart Stay feature to adjust the brightness, staying on till you are done with browsing or reading.

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As a consultant running my own business, I love the ability to switch between my business number Google Voice and my personal number when I make calls. The only downside for this phone is the quantity of background apps that continually reload. There is no simple way to stop unwanted factory installed apps from loading.

This may be above your technical expertise That being said, background running apps seem to be pretty standard with smartphones these days Get this phone!

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You won't regret it. Needed a reliable phone that can do it all. The fact this phone can access full web pages and not just the mobile versions is bonus over iphones. This device is Easy to use and has an abundance of great features only complaint, the Battery has a hard time keeping up. I love this phone, because I can talk to it and give it comands. The phone is large enough for me to see things with a touch of two fingers.

Samsung Galaxy S III SPH-L710 16GB Pebble Blue (Sprint) Smartphone

Also, it is the sturdiest model phone that I have used. This includes the Galaxy S4, S5, and the iphone 6. I need to say all of those are only my opinion from the way I use my phones. All of the phones mentioned had a bumper case and tempered glass. So, to sum it up, the Samsung Galaxy S is sturdy, very easy to see with wide screen magnification, and has verbal comand ability that even someone visionly impared can easily use this smart phone. Cellular Sprint Virgin Mobile. Manufacturer Color: This was my daughters phone. It is in excellent condition.