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5 Essential iOS Accessories For Musicians For Under $100

With impressive MIDI and audio capabilities running hand-in-hand, this is a box to underestimate at your peril. It represents perhaps the most joined-up solution for bridging iOS and studio needs to date. Read full review: All iOS devices individual pin and lightning versions available.

The Rode iXY Lightning is an extremely compact stereo microphone for recording to Apple mobile devices, offering a 'locked' X-Y recording configuration at sample rates up to 96kHz and a resolution of bit. The recorded results are rich, high-quality and hugely impressive.

iPad and iPod Recording Accessories | B&H Explora

Once clipped to your phone, recordings are easily made to one of Rode's own Rode Rec apps, which are available either in full paid or basic 'LE' forms. Rode iXY. Stereo RCA main outs, mini-jack headphones out Compatibility: A Z1 paired with an iPad or laptop makes for a powerful but extremely portable combination.

Advanced DJs may want to add other devices for extra control, but could still use the Z1 when travelling light. While more controls would be nice, it would add to the cost and size of the unit. Overall, the Z1 does what it does very well.

Keep it Reel: Make your iPad into a professional recording studio

Traktor Kontrol Z1. It has two 1cm capsules in a mid-side configuration, with degree hinge and rotation of the overall capsule. USB Compatibility: The reason this is useful is down to the fact that a growing range of general studio products - including lots of interfaces and MIDI controllers - now offer class-compliant compatibility with iOS, meaning that you may be able to use some of your existing gear with your favourite apps. In a nutshell, these allow for expressive playing and modulation of sounds on a note-by-note basis, providing an experience more akin to an orchestral instrument than a standard MIDI controller.

Full review: The main downside to the One Pre is its lack of a headphones output. Focusrite iTrack One Pre. If you can do without MIDI, this is a great choice of iPad and iPhone recording interface, particularly for guitarists. MusicRadar The No. Image 1 of 5. There are high tech gadgets for health junkies , hikers , pet lovers , or the kitchen and even wearable gadgets.

And now we have a list of iOS-enabled gadgets for musicians. Here, you will find gadgets for pianists, guitarists, drummers, singers, and electronic music composers that are ideal for the iPad or iPhone.

Get more out of your favourite mobile music-making apps

Recommended Reading: The app allows you to change the sound effects of each key and drum pad on the SynthStation. Additionally, it also works as a MIDI controller for your computer. The iDJ Pro utilizes the large iPad display so you can easily and quickly navigate through the on screen buttons of the djay app it supports.

The iPad docked into this Pedalboard allows guitarists to use the sound effects of 87 different pedals, 54 amps and 26 cabinets available through the app.

2. iRig Pre HD

All you have to do is save a combination of effects and load it up during a gig or particular song. Piano Apprentice has 25 keys that can light up to teach you where to place your fingers.

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The video tutorials on the iPad or iPhone app will take you through each step of the learning process. This device works with most audio and MIDI iPad apps on the AppStore where you can then connect microphones, guitars, studio monitors, PA systems, headphones and MIDI controllers to make it all work together to perform or produce music. Instead of tapping your fingers to create a beat, you can now produce head banging beats wherever you go. The iPhone controls what sound effects each key plays while you listen to your creation through the built-in speakers. The MIDI Mobilizer 2 is great for artists on the go who just need to get their burst of inspiration down on recording.

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