Windows phone picture of screen

1. Screen Capture

Another screenshot app that you can try is the OpenScreenShot. This tool is capable of taking snapshots of a photo either from the a webpage or your amazing WP Start Screen. By using this application users can take multiple screenshots and do some primary editing afterwards.

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However, this app only works for higher WP versions of 8 and above. After that a small menu bar will be displayed at the bottom, which will give you an options either to save or edit the captured photo.

Top 8 Screen Shot Apps for Windows Phone

And by working on a computer, you can access and organize screenshots with larger screen and mouse; therefore it turns out to be more efficiently. While Free Screen Capture on the other hand, is a powerful screen cap tool that can help you take multiple screenshots on windows phone.

Moreover, this method will also give the users a privilege to take screenshots and edit them using a powerful editor. You can get all of these free of charge.

Easy Ways to Take Screenshot on Windows Phone

For this method, both programs must be installed. The Project my screen tool will mirror your WP content into the computer; while Free Screen Capture will be use capture a certain screenshot. There are different ways on how to screenshot WP. It is still up to the users on which method will they utilize. However, we have already picked up the best solutions for you, while you can decide the one in your occasion.

To avoid these, take some time to use the methods and tools mentioned above, these are great ways to begin with your WP screenshot. Using Windows Phone default screenshot function Like other rival OS providers, this operating system also has a default screenshot function. Using Windows Phone screenshot app 6snap This is a nice smart phone application that can be found on Windows Phone Store. How to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8. Take screenshots in Windows Phone 8. Related Articles. Popular Articles.

How To Take A Screenshot With A Windows Phone

How to use Diagnostic Data Viewer to learn what is not working in Windows Windows 10 has made the headlines with the fact that it sends all kinds of data to Microsoft. Here's how: Simple questions: What is OneDrive?

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  • Top 8 Screen Shot Apps for Windows Phone!
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  • 2. Using Windows Phone screenshot app.
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Why should you use it? Read this article, as it explains everything you need to know: Popular Reviews. Sony WHXM3 review: Probably the best Bluetooth headphones! See our opinion about these headphones, in this review: Trust GXT Thura review: Affordable keyboard, for gamers! Trust GXT Thura: Who is it good for? This keyboard is a good choice for: The dash cams market has grown slowly but steadily over the last few years and is now filled with many choices.

  • 1. Using Windows Phone default screenshot function.
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  • How to take a screenshot in Windows Phone 8.1.
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MIO is one of the most prolific manufacturers of dash cams, and most of them are excellent. We received in testing one of their more discreet dash cams called the MiVue J Taking a screenshot can be of tremendous help when trying to troubleshoot an issue, show off your tile layout, or mock a random post on Facebook.

Take Screenshot on Windows Phone

With Windows Phone 8. To take a screenshot on a Windows Phone device running 8. If you're having trouble getting the timing just right, hold in the volume-up key, then press the power button. I found this alternative method to work for me without issue.

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Your device will instantly take a screenshot, alerting you it was successful with a shutter sound, and save it to a specific screenshot album in your Photos hub. From there, you can share, edit, delete, or do whatever you'd like with the captured screen. For those waiting for the 8.